Owe back taxes? Here are some Back Tax FAQs!

I owe taxes to the IRS. Will they take my home?

The IRS can seize your home and other assets when you owe back taxes. However, this requires a court order and exhaustive attempts to collect the back taxes. They will levy your bank accounts and other sources of income. If the IRS is threatening to seize your assets, contact us immediately.

I see TV commercials saying I can settle my back taxes with the IRS. Is that true?

In some cases, the IRS will settle your back taxes but you must meet the requirements for an Offer in Compromise. Despite what you hear on TV, the IRS is not accepting more settlements than before. Beware of "Offer Mills;" companies that sell you an Offer in Compromise for which you do not qualify!
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I'm not trying to get out of paying my back taxes, why won't they work with me?

Believer it or not, the IRS is trying. Unfortunately, the tax law is complex and simultaneously interpreted by thousands of government employees each day. If you feel lost in the system, Achievable Dream Tax Resolution can help. We speak their language and can resolve your back tax debt efficiently.

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