Back Tax Help Fees: How Much Does It Cost to Resolve Your Back Taxes?

There is much debate on how much back tax resolution services should cost. Beware of tax help scams that seem too good to be true!

Help for your back taxes may cost more or less than you think. Get the facts before hiring any tax help company to know what you will be paying.

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Understanding your back tax help fee - what does it cover?

At Achievable Dream Tax Resolution, we offer truly flat fees that cover your tax help case from beginning to end. We don't believe in fine print and each case gets a custom-tailored fee schedule so you know exactly what our service covers.

Range of work: During your confidential consultation, we ask a lot of questions. That's because we want to include all possible scenarios in your fee; no surprises for either one of us! Do you owe back taxes for business? Personal? Both? How about the State? Are you being levied? Have you missed deadlines? Are you missing returns? Do you want to settle your taxes or set up a payment plan? Do you owe more than $250,000? All these factors play into how much a reasonable tax resolution fee is calculated.

Have a complicated case that may take longer to resolve? Always seem to find yourself in tax trouble again? As one client commented, we're "very handy to keep in your back pocket." Ask us about affordable retainer plans!

Since each case is unique, your flat tax help fee will be based on the balance owed, complexity and status of collection action on your case. A payment plan with a request to have penalties removed may cost as little as $1,250, while an Offer in Compromise for multiple businesses may cost upwards of $6,000 - $10,000.

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Avoid extra tax help fees: Tips to save you time and money with any tax help company

  • Don't owe taxes again - Make estimated tax payments if you're self-employed, make your Federal Tax Deposits on time if you're a business, etc.; if you're not sure about how to meet your tax obligations, ask your tax help representative immediately. 2014 Tax Calendar
  • Communicate - If you have questions or concerns, let your tax help representative know! Make sure you understand the plan of action and how you can contribute to the process so tax negotiations are a success. Return all phone calls, letters and emails promptly.
  • Note Deadlines and Meet Them - Answer their phone calls and requests for information. Missed deadlines mean more work and possibly releasing a levy, which means additional fees. Oftentimes a deadline with the IRS can be extended, but you NEED to give your tax help representative adequate notice.
  • Provide information in a timely manner - When something stressful like back taxes are involved, it's tempting to procrastinate. Just remember that your tax help expert needs this information to resolve the problem. You can leave the hard part to them, but they can't work their magic without the information they ask for!

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