IRS Transcript Protest: What to Do When Your Tax Bill Seems Wrong

Does your IRS tax bill seem too high?

Do figures seem wrong and you don't know what to do about it?

The IRS does make mistakes and we can help correct them.

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The IRS is not known for its efficiency and as such, you will receive a number of different letters with different amounts and due dates. So how much do you owe?
The first thing we do for all clients is obtain a breakdown of what is owed and/or missing and provide it to them on one, easy-to-read page. We also obtain transcripts of each tax period for review. If you have a tax bill that doesn't seem right and you're not getting anywhere resolving it, we can help.
Oftentimes, the tax bill seems much higher due to penalties and interest. Other times, it could be an error or misapplied tax payments. If our research shows that your tax bill is incorrect, we will have it corrected for you.

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