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It's April 15th. You've lost count on how many cups of coffee you've had, but you're pretty sure it's time for another. You can't remember if you combed your hair this morning, but you don't care. That's when your faithful client looks at the "Amount Due" line on their 1040. "I can't pay this," they cry, "can you help?" Now imagine shrugging coolly and replying, "Sure, no problem."

Do you have a tax preparation or bookkeeping service? We can help you expand the services you provide by offering tax resolution to your clients. Since we specialize only in the resolution of back taxes to the IRS and all 50 States, you keep the relationship you already have with your clients, while giving them piece of mind that their tax woes will soon be over. We offer flat, discounted rates for tax professionals and will even correspond with you instead of the client, if you prefer. You charge the client whatever you feel is reasonable and we do all the work.

We have the time to resolve those tax debts, even during tax season - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by outsourcing your tax resolution services to Achievable Dream!

We also LOVE sharing referrals! 
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