Remove IRS Tax Liens From Your Credit Report

Do you have a tax lien on your credit report? In many cases, we can remove it; contact us today!

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If the IRS has filed a tax lien against you, expect a lot of phone calls and letters from companies that want you to hire them.

Beware of tax help scams! Here are some commonly-asked questions about IRS tax liens that may help you on your way:

Q: Companies keep calling and writing me letters about my IRS tax lien. How do they know my private business?

A: IRS Tax liens are public record and most tax resolution firms pay top dollar for these lists. Tax Lien records consist of names, addresses and the amount of tax lien filed. They do NOT have access to your complete tax account  (Social Security Number, etc.)  and have no authority to look up the status of IRS collection, despite what they claim to "know." At Achievable Dream Tax Resolution, we will NEVER call you unsolicited. In fact, unsolicited tax help calls from a sales person and not a licensed tax representative is a violation of IRS Circular 230 regulations.

Q: Is an IRS Tax Lien the same as an IRS Tax Levy?

A: No. An IRS Tax Lien is the Government's way of calling "dibs" on any real property such as real estate or the proceeds of a sale. It's filed in the county you live in and adversely affects your credit score. An IRS tax levy is the actual seizure of assets such as bank accounts and wages. Click HERE for more information on tax levies.

Q. How am I ever supposed to repay my back taxes if I have a tax lien on my credit?

A: We have good news - an IRS tax lien by itself does not prevent you from refinancing your home or obtaining a loan to pay the taxes off. It does, however reduce your credit score, which may disqualify you from obtaining a loan. Do you want to pay your back taxes with a loan? We can help! Contact us using the form above or call us for a free tax lien consultation: 855-694-7743.

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